Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

  • Posted on: 19 January 2016
  • By: Ginseng
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January 19,2016
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Position Summary
Under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment will
oversee, manage and lead the development, selection, implementation, evaluation and refinement of Daystar
Academy’s PreK-7 (up to 12th grade as the school grows) academic programming, curricula, and assessment
system with an eye toward the 12th grade expected outcomes. She/he will ensure that organizational systems
and academic programs are established to ensure all students are college and career ready. The Director of
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment reports to the Chief Academic Officer and works collaboratively with
other departments in supporting school and student success.
Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Provides leadership in the ongoing development, improvement, and evaluation of curriculum, instruction,
and student data management;
2. Responsible for coaching teachers on instructional delivery and methods;
3. Assist Principal, PYP and MYP Coordinators in developing staff development programming;
4. Ensures all students are offered an adequate academic program and assessment position that prepares
them for college and/or career success;
5. Maintains and monitors all student achievement data including annual assessment results, course grades,
and benchmark assessment results;
6. Evaluates academic programming, curricula, and assessment decisions for effectiveness and revision, when
7. Uses multiple sources of data, including student performance data, to effect changes in curriculum,
assessment, programs, teaching and leadership practices, as well as the attitudes of stakeholders about
needed changes.
8. Supervises and evaluates the curriculum coordinators;
9. Oversees the textbook and materials adoption process;
10. Ensures that appropriate differentiation in curricula and instruction are available to students with needs.
11. Keeps current with educational trends, literature, and developments in the field of PreK-12 education.
Qualifications & Requirements
  1. English as mother tongue
  2. Minimum of a Bachelor's degree
  3. Masters in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (preferred)
  4. Demonstrated, in-depth knowledge of research, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), comprehensive
  5. assessment systems, and practice in curriculum, instruction, assessment and technology
  6. Exhibited leadership in working with professional staff, students, and the community
  7. Open-minded, enthusiastic, and willing to embrace a unique, multicultural school culture
Competitive international-like school benefits and dependent on qualifications and experience.