Senior Consultant

  • Posted on: 19 January 2016
  • By: osc
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January 19,2016
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Can work with client independently on understanding client requirements, articulate custom solutions and have the ability to lead a team to implement solutions. Can also contribute to team as an individual developer.



1. BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent preferred.

2. 10 + years of related work experience. Strong software engineering background.

3. Excellent communication skills. 

4. Willing to work at a start up environment and switch between roles. 


Required Skills:

1. Java, C# or C++

2. Python, Ruby or any scripting language is a plus

3. HTML/CSS, JavaScript

4. Deep understanding of at least one web development frameworks, such as Spring MVC, Express+Node.js, Ruby On Rails, Django

5. AngularJs/Backbone.js/ReactJs or equivalent JavaScript front end framework is a plus.  


About OSC Technologies LLC:

Headquartered in Boston, OSC Technologies LLC was founded in June 2010 by a team of executive management and advisory board members consisting of professionals with expertise in cloud, security, and enterprise application software development.

OSC Technologies LLC provides the highest quality comprehensive IT consulting to satisfy your demand in every aspect of online business, with a focus on cloud storage, cloud IAM, start-up incubation and development, and information security.