Analog IC Design Engineer

  • Posted on: 28 March 2018
  • By: bidirectioalDisplay
Posted on: 
March 28,2018
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Job Description:
  •  Design analog IC building blocks, such as opamp, current source, bandgaps, LDOs, basic logic circuits, using Cadence/Mentor Graphic IC design systems.
  •  Simulate and understand IC circuits designed using Monte Carlo simulators and other similar tools.
  •  Lab test and debug IC product designed.
  •  Thorough understanding of electronic circuits
  •  Basic understanding of IC device structures and working principles
  •  Basic understanding of CMOS fabrication process, and its impact on IC performance, such as latch-ups
  •  Strong understanding of transistor level circuit design, such as opamp, current source, bandgap circuits, best to have hand-on Analog IC design from scratch
  •  Understand of system level requirements on the specs of sub level blocks is highly valuable, but not required.
  •  Familiar with IC design and layout design environment, e.g.,  Cadence or Mentor Graphics systems
  •  Strong desire to learn and grow in analog IC design area
  •  Good Oral and written communication skills
  •  BS degree in electrical engineering required, MS or PHD preferred.
About the Company:
  • Bidirectional Display Inc. (BDI) is a circuit design house, aiming at developing a revolutionary image sensor panel (ISP) device that enables full-screen fingerprint sensing for next generation smartphones. We believe that BDI’s unique, patented technology is the only feasible solution for in-display optical fingerprint sensing presently known in the world. We are looking for fresh minds and eager hearts to join our world class team.
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