Software Developer (or Intern)

  • Posted on: 28 March 2018
  • By: rainComputing
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March 28,2018
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Rain Computing, Inc., is a non-traditional software retailer, committed to deliver native or non-web-based software applications to our customers, on-demand (e.g., pay-per-month), over the Internet without installation.

We currently have several openings for Software Developer or Intern.

The primary job duty involves the definition, design, and development of a prototype for hosting and delivering native software applications, with strengthened data security measure and software integrity.

Ideal candidates should have a deep understanding of the architecture of at least one Operating Systems (e.g., Linux, Windows, OS X), computer algorithms, and at least one programing language, such as, C/C++, Java, etc.

It would be a plus if the candidate has experiences or a general understanding of how app store works.

Please send your resume to: