• Posted on: 19 January 2016
  • By: Ginseng
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January 19,2016
Contract Type: 
Responsibilities and Duties:  
  1. Pedagogical leader of the MYP in the schools  
  2. Prepare all documentation and logistical procedures for MYP accreditation  
  3. Provide support on authorization and evaluation visits as requested by IBO  regional offices  
  4. Provide guidance through on-going in-service training and communication  underpinned by the philosophy, objectives and developments of the MYP  
  5. Be responsible for setting up systems/meetings for communication and the  cooperation of the entire professional staff in implementing the program in the  school including vertical, horizontal articulation of the curriculum and  interdisciplinary planning  
  6. Develop the IB Continuum: work collaboratively with the PYP Coordinator and  Curriculum Coordinators to ensure: a) the most effective transition into and out  of the program; b) tailor appropriate support for students  
  7. Be the central point of focus for all communication with IB offices regarding the  MYP  
  8. Ensure that all requirements of the IBO concerning the program are met  
  9. Be responsible for the induction of teachers new to the MYP  
  10. Providing advice and support to teachers’ Professional Development  
  11. Share with teachers and students all relevant information regarding the IBO  
  12. Ensure that the teachers and other staff keep up to date with current  developments in the program, and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and  practices with teachers from other MYP schools  
  13. Contribute to presentation and promotion of the MYP within and outside the  school, through open houses, information sessions, school tours, phone  interviews etc.  
  14. Monitor individual teacher’s implementation of the MYP and provide support as  necessary  
  15. Deliver an MYP program that champions and embraces the School’s vision and  mission  
Qualifications & Requirements  
  1. Chinese native speaker with proficiency in English is strongly preferred  
  2. Knowledge of the IBO and its Primary, Middle and Diploma programs  
  3. 3 -5 years’ relevant teaching experience is preferred  
  4. High level of communication, teaching and presentation skills  
Competitive international school benefits and dependent on qualifications and  experience.